December 15, 2014

The Modani Challenge: Accessorizing a Living Room

Because of our similar design aesthetics, I was approached by Modani to reflect my fashion style in a living room using statement accessories.  Since my style ranges from clean-modern to modern eclectic, I have designed two living rooms using the Onyxia Sofa & The Tuco Lamp as center pieces. The end result: one sofa & one lamp, two rooms, two different effects. 

Modani: 1. Tuco Lamp  |  2. Onyxia Sofa  |  3. Deer Sculpture  |  4. Caterina Coffee Table  |  5. Zebra Rug  |  6. Pink Pillow 
If you like my "Westside Eclectic" living room, click here to check out Modani’s modern furniture pieces.

Additions:  7. Deer Pillow  |  8. Cashmere Throw  |  9. Mongolian Lamb Faux Fur Stool  |  10. Watercolor Lips (not to scale)

Modani: 1. Tuco Lamp  |  2. Onyxia Sofa  |  3. Valor Vase  |  4. Gavino Coffee Table  |  5. Tedo Stool  |  6. Dutta Pillow  |  7. Moha & Das Pillows
If you like my "Downtown Modern" living room, click here to check out Modani’s modern furniture pieces.
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